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I love design and painting arts, not just because it awards me good sense of color and light, a keen eye
for details, but comprehensive knowledge in arts, history, geography and philosophy.

It enlightens me about the value of patience and beauty of balance.
It encourages me to keep learning and overcome challenges, and furthermore,
it teaches me to cherish traditions, embrace diversity, respect originality and appreciate criticism.

I always try to add design styles to my painting, and bring more painting features to my design work.
So design and painting are really the growing up twins in my art life. And I hold beliefs that there is a
wonderful style that can integrate the cuteness of comics with the gracefulness of oil paintings...

Painting Tools:
Mac OS, Wacom Tablet, Photoshop CS5, Corel Painter 11, OpenCanvas, ComicStudio EX, ACDSee.

"Mermaid in the Mist" (NPC illustration collection for DK4pk MOD)
"DK4pk MOD" is short for the modification of Koei Game "Great Navigation Age IV Power up Kit"
"Nebula Princess" (Sailor Moon Fanart)
Knight Templar
Sailor Adonis
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Venus
"Q Series"
"Dream of the Red Chamber" - Jia Baoyu & the 12 Beauties of Jinling
Reference: 100 Paintings of Chinese Traditional Maids